Welcome to 4 Paws Cat Motel, Christchurch



Cats are fed twice daily (unless you request otherwise). We find this regime keeps both grazers and bowl emptiers satisfied.
  • The amount your cat is fed is at your discretion. This will be discussed and noted on your cats book in form.
  • Cats are fed a premium dry food, currently Blackhawk chicken.
  • We use either of the two leading supermarket brands of pouched wet food, chicken flavoured.
  • We are happy to serve wet or dry food you supply where your cat desires specific variants or is likely to reject any change in diet.
  • Water is refreshed twice daily.
  • Special dietary requirements (e.g. urinary tract, furball or dental etc) are catered for on request and to be provided by the owner.

Play, exercise, cuddles
Each cat comes out daily to stroll around and use the scratching posts and other toys in the area. We make sure exercise time is plentiful and available outside the cages.
We do not allow cats from different families to be communal, therefore access to the exercise and play areas is initiated individually by staff.
This allows us to interact with your cat to create a homely atmosphere while they stay with us.

Bedding and comfort
Blankets, towels and cat beds are provided, but you are most welcome to bring along any pet bedding, toys etc you wish. (Bring as much as you like).
Cats feel most comfortable when surrounded by familiar textures and smells.

Individual litter trays for each cat changed every morning. We believe in total sanitary conditions for your cat.

Room Sizes
A graphical representation of these are as follows:

The red line represents 1 meter.

The condo is a combination of two single units to give cats more room, making their stay more relaxed. There are vertical, or horizontal options for the older cat.