Welcome to 4 Paws Cat Motel, Christchurch



Health and Wellbeing
Why does it seem every time you want to go on holiday your cat needs daily medication!
We can administer most forms orally and/or at feeding times.
Injections, such as Insulin, require consistent dosing times so there will be a charge related to this; we will let you know at the time.

Pickup and Deliveries
When time is tight we can arrange pickup and delivery from urban areas in Christchurch to fit around our opening times. Prices can vary based on distance from the cattery; we will let you know at the time.
Payment of your account in full can be made via the internet; we will then drop off at the arranged time.
   Drive time

Vet Visits
Sometimes if cats are with us for a long stay their Vaccinations come due while you are away. We can arrange an appointment with your veterinary clinic and make sure they are sorted.
In the event of a sudden change in your cat's health we will endeavor to contact you on the number supplied when you booked to advise we feel a vet visit is required. Please read our Terms and Conditions( #5 )around emergency vet consultations.
Vet consultations - scheduled or emergency - and all medications are chargeable to the owner.
We charge the equivalent of an extra night stay per visit to cover transport costs.